Here’s the plan

So I’m planning on doing a series of episode critiques of various sci-fi series. I can be critical (my wife would say nit-picky), especially for sloppy writing in shows I like. There will be spoilers- mighty spoilers- but I’m assuming that we’ve all seen most of this stuff, or at the least know what you’re getting into.

I’m going to start with Star Trek, do some Babylon 5, and get around to the Star Wars franchise eventually. After that I’ll branch out to other shows.

I’m starting with some Star Trek episodes, but I’m not going to do them chronologically.  Instead I’m going to bounce around series to series, episode to episode as I feel. Sometimes it will be literally random, others will be in groups of some relevance.

I look forward to hearing your comments on the reviews, and hope you enjoy reading them!


The Start

After staring at Lorum Ipsum for too long, I finally decided to replace the placeholder text with something a little more meaningful.

I decided to resurrect this old blog of mine, and start posting some things that are of interest to me and hopefully, of interest to you.

I’m still buttoning down the hatches and securing the site against the spammers- I’ve been getting 30-50 registrations a day with just the Lorum post. Fortunately the tools to slow them down are readily available and easy to use. However, we’re going to be faced with reCaptchas for a while.

Coming up soon- some essays on some iconic sci-fi series.

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